Welcome to Dr. Matthew Diston

The team at Reactivate Muskoka is excited to announce that Dr. Matthew Diston has joined us as a Chiropractor. Matt has a particular interest in using medical electro-acupuncture in order to increase motor recruitment for a variety of different purposes such as helping post-operative patients strengthen particular muscle groups, improving athletes motor recruitment and movement patterns, or decreasing pain sensitivity in order to create a more positive healing environment. After experiencing an athletic career-ending injury in his first year of university, Dr. Diston has a particular passion for working with athletes who have sustained traumatic injuries.

Matt comes highly decorated from CMCC where he was given the Ontario Chiropractic Association Award for outstanding academic achievements, contributions to student life and a commitment to the chiropractic profession and their community. He also received the Judy Ladell Memorial Award for being nominated as the class valedictorian.

If you are interested in seeing Dr. Diston for a consultation, assessment and treatment, please click the button below.