Chiropractic Therapy

Reactivate Muskoka Chiropractor Adjustment

What is it and how does it work?

Chiropractic Therapy emphasizes a hands on approach using manual therapies to treat and reactivate muscular, bone, joint, and neurological conditions. 

Our Chiropractors are extensively educated in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis and management of conditions related to the muscles, bones, joints and nerves and will recommend a course of treatment that will help relieve pain and improve function. These treatments may include joint manipulation and mobilization, specific soft tissue therapies (ART, FRR, MRT), prescribed exercise programs, medical acupuncture, shockwave therapy, or spinal decompression therapy. 

Specific training in spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) allows Chiropractors to safely provide adjustments using highly skilled and precise movements to the vertebrae of the spine, which will improve joint motion and restore proper movement mechanics and improve function. 

How we integrate it in your care at reactivate muskoka

At Reactivate, Chiropractic Therapy is an integral component to our health care team, used as either a primary form of therapy or as a complimentary service in tandem with massage or physiotherapy.

Take a look at the video below which explains the goals and methods of Chiropractic Therapy in plain and simple terms.

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Reactivate Muskoka Chiropractic Adjustment for Back Pain