To best serve our clients and our community, we are offering both custom and high quality off the shelf braces for arthritis, ligament and tendon injuries, and post-surgical joint stabilization.

As we want to offer only the best for our clients, we use two leaders in the bracing industry at our clinic.

For off the shelf braces, we use Push Braces, which are lightweight, breathable, and offer a tremendous amount of support through their innovative design. Avoiding metal bars and mechanical hinges, these braces work with high density plastic and carbon fibre stabilizers that are structured similar to a shock or a strut in a vehicle. This allows for a smoother, more uniform loading and unloading pattern, and better freedom of movement while an individual is wearing them during day to day activities or in sporting activities.

Our custom braces are Ossur braces, a leader and pioneer in the bracing industry. They have done a lot of the original research on bracing for many different kinds of joint injuries and illnesses