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Dr. TOM ISaacs


Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Isaacs has had a life long passion for being physically active and competitive sports. Whether it has been baseball, football, mountain biking, nordic and downhill skiing, or paddling on the open water, he hasn’t been one to sit still when there is so much life out there to enjoy.

He has a strong belief that if we, as health professionals, encourage our patients and our community members to embrace physical activity and put our bodies through a wide range of functional movements, that we will prevent restrictions in movement of our muscles, supporting ligaments and tendons, and joints. In short, it is another example of “use it or lose it”.

He recently relocated to Muskoka from Pickering where he was part of a multidisciplinary clinic of chiropractors and other allied health professionals, and he was a clinical professor at CMCC for a number of years.

Tom grew up in Montreal, and then relocated to Toronto in his teens. After high school he attended the University of Waterloo and then he went to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. After graduating, he worked at a busy multidisciplinary clinic in Pickering as well as holding a teaching role at CMCC where he was an Integration Clinician. In this capacity, he worked with upper year students working towards their transition from an academic environment to a clinical environment before they graduated.

For many years, he and his family have been coming up to Port Carling to a family cottage, and that is where his love affair with Muskoka started. He recently has moved to Huntsville full time and added his energy and experience to Reactivate Muskoka team in 2019.