PowerPlay Knee.jpg

PowerPlay Cryocompression units are designed to help individuals reap the benefits from cryotherapy, otherwise known as “icing”, while applying compression that is provided in a cyclical pattern thereby massaging out swelling and byproducts of inflammation out of the injured or surgical area.

For acute injuries it is highly effective in the first two weeks after an injury and then after that the benefits slowly taper off.

For chronic inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, this can be helpful to help reduce the swelling that limits the mobility of the joints.

It is also beneficial to those who have just had surgery. Many people are sent home quickly out of the hospital after surgery and they put bags of peas or ice on their surgical site, but this is a more effective way to help speed up the recovery process.

The PowerPlay units come with gel packs that are put in the freezer, and then you put them into the joint applicator which is a comfortable soft brace that is snuggly fit to the joint with velcro.

The individual then applies as much or as little compression that they want, and one treatment lasts 20 minutes. During this time the compression will increase and decrease effectively reducing the swelling around the area that is being treated.