Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) 

Reactivate Muskoka Functional Range Conditioning

What is it and How Does it work?

The FRC® system is designed to help you improve your functional range of motion and strength through that range of motion.  This, in turn, will increase the stability and strength of your joints and learning to improve the way your nervous system functions to control your overall body movement. This leads to a reduction in pain and a functional way of rehabilitating your body as a whole, rather than rehabilitating one body area at a time.    

FRC® is a trademarked system of mobility and joint control training which, unlike many current systems, is based on scientific principles and research. Mobility, defined as the extent of controllable flexibility across articulations, refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses. In any joint articulation, there is an active and passive component of range of motion. Passive motion is a range of motion that one acquires through “passive” means and is synonymous with flexibility. Active ranges are attained through active means (muscle forces). FRC® believes that it is not enough to have passive range of motion, but that you must be able to control the entire range of motion by active means. This innovative training system improves the ability to control, and move ones own body.  FRC® works, by systematically expanding the body’s range of motion, while simultaneously teaching the nervous system how to control those newly acquired ranges. 

How we integrate it in your care at reactivate muskoka

At Reactivate, Dr. Chad Barber has been certified as an FRC® specialist and implementing this system since 2016. 

FRC plays an important role in the active component of the care we provide at Reactivate. While the goals of our practitioners are often to achieve greater ranges of motion and more efficient movement, we need to provide the patient with the tools required to reinforce these improved movement patterns between treatment sessions. This is where FRC is a valuable tool. The exercises within the FRC system will allow the patient to achieve and maintain optimal mobility development, joint strength, and neurological control, which not only results in less pain and improved function, but will assist in further injury prevention as well. 

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