Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultation

Reactivate Muskoka Sport and Exercise Medicine Gait Analysis

Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) consultations are provided by Family Physicians who have taken specialist training in the field of Sports Medicine. 

The role of the SEM consultation in the rehabilitation continuum is that the consultant, Drs. Trenholm and Mikhail, take a very detailed history of a clients injury, illness, or disability which is then complimented by an advanced physical examination. 

Putting It All Together

The results of the history and physical are then put together to determine what the possible diagnoses are. If it is thought to be required to further delineate the diagnosis, the Sport and Exercise Medicine consultant will then order tests which may include imaging (MRI, CT, X-Rays, Bone Scans, Ultrasounds) and/or blood work.

With all of this information, the SEM Physician will then act as a quarterback and put together a detailed treatment and rehabilitative plan for our clients at Reactivate. This could include any of the modalities that our other therapists provide here in the clinic. With your written consent, your SEM consultation letter which outlines the diagnosis and treatment plan will be shared with the other therapists at Reactivate so that the plan can be put into motion. 

Where Did The Reactivate SEM Physicians receive their training?

Drs. Trenholm and Mikhail completed Honours Bachelors of Science degrees in Kinesiology. Dr. Trenholm went on to complete a Masters of Science in Kinesiology, specializing in Biomechanics (the study of the physics of human movement and anatomy).

Dr. Trenholm continued to receive additional training at the University of Toronto and completed the exam put on annually by Canada's foremost authority in this field, the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. 

Dr. Mikhail completed his training virtually through the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sports Medicine program. This rigorous program took Dr. Mikhail 4 years to complete and involved a thorough examination process.